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Take a look at our current events. If you have interest in a specific topic we'd love to hear your feedback so we can keep up informed on future events. 

Counseling Workshop to help explore racial identity they may have become lost through trauma, grief, or life transitions

Racial Identity Workshop

What are you? This may be a question you have heard from others that cause you to question WHO you are when it comes to your racial identity? This workshop is for those that feel misaligned with their race, grew up disconnected from their racial environment, or feel tension between the multiple racial identities you carry. Join us for an experiential workshop to explore your beliefs, experiences, griefs, and celebrations around your racial identity. Engagement with others is optional, but strongly recommended. Participants are not required to share with others. At the end of this workshop, it is our hope that you have greater confidence in who you are. 

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Cultivating Cultural Awareness

This is a group for therapist. Starting in January and every 4th Friday thereafter, we can meet for 2 hours, in-person, to have open discussion around various cultures. This is to be a safe space for therapist to explore, grow, and have some accountability for cultural awareness. This is a group for those that know they have gaps in their cultural awareness and wanting to expand their knowledge in a non-judgemental space of their peers. The first gathering will be focused on establishing safety, identifying gaps, and exploring differences in our perspectives. This will also be a great opportunity to connect with other therapist to expand our support system. For now, there is no charge for this. However, if you find this helpful donations to my non-profit, The Fountain Fund, would be amazing: Donations go toward paying for therapy services. Email to hold your spot because space is limited. 

Cultural Competency
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