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Counseling session between counselor and patient.
trauma therapy

Well Within Collective

Thanks for stopping by. We are glad you're here. Well Within Collective is a collective of wellness professionals here to serve you. We offer a variety of services to support you on your journey. Our team of providers are dedicated to providing a comfortable and safe space for our clients to do meaningful, internal healing. We are passionate about helping others and working collaboratively with our clients to meet their unique needs.  At Well Within Collective, we are committed to helping our clients achieve lasting change and growth. Please continue to explore our site to learn more about Well Within Collective and our team of providers. We look forward to hearing from you.

-Shara A. McGlothan, Owner

"Someone is


on who you're





To guide authentic healing toward embodying, embracing, and evolving into one's true essence of Self.


To spread authentic healing through the authentic healing of one


1. Identity: we respect sense of Self in our providers, clients, and partners

2. Individuality: we uphold being unison with identified values and sense of Self

3. Relationship: we honor sense of Self and need for connection

4. Healing: we believe authentic healing achieves lasting impact.

Shara...  you have been a joy and I love your heart for and creativity with therapy and your clients.

Megan K.

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