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Shara McGlothan

LMFT, Mediator

You do not have to stay trapped in your confusion. You do not have to keep hiding your pain. I am here to guide you into making sense of your experiences and regain access to your inner strength. Therapy is not a one size fits all. I tailor sessions to match who you are. I bring professional knowledge, flexibility, integration and attunement to customize treatment to you. Along with the primary approaches used, I am trained in a variety of other therapeutic models and approaches that are integrated into therapy sessions. Beyond just talk therapy, I do like to integrate a variety of expressive techniques, such as, art, writing, sandtray, etc. This allows for many different options in practicing within a context in which everyone is comfortable and open to growth. I provide a space for nurturing, reflection, accountability, and a drop of humor.

Session Fees:

Therapy: $135 per 50-mins
Mediation: $300 per 120 mins
Limited Sliding Scale Availability


Play Therapy

Areas of Focus

Relational Issues


Internal Family Systems
Collaborative Language Systems



Shara McGlothan

The Founder of the non-profit organization, The Fountain Fund.

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